Got questions?

We’ve tried our best to answer here all of the questions we are asked the most. If there is something you’d like to know that isn’t covered in our FAQs, then just call us at 912.527.6276.

Let’s Discuss Membership

Got questions?

We’ve tried our best to answer here all of the questions we are asked the most. If there is something you’d like to know that isn’t covered in our FAQs, then just call us at 912.527.6276.

Let’s Discuss Membership

An MSO is a “management service organization” and is designed to help you with the administrative, non-medical work involved in running your practice. The primary advantage to joining an MSO is to have access to management services and to ensure best (lowest) pricing on supplies and services. By aggregating volume, we can obtain economies of scale that allow us to obtain preferred pricing on everything from medical professional liability insurance to injectables and fillers to digital marketing services. RenewalMSO provides best-in-class business services to practices, while allowing you to run and manage your practice as you see fit.

There are two types of MSOs: Those that provide business services to practices, allowing them to remain quite independent of the MSO, and those that own (buy) the tangible assets of practices and manage them directly. RenewalMSO is the former. You retain practice autonomy. In fact, contracting with RenewalMSO is non-exclusive, and you may may elect to contract independently with other service providers. In addition, RenewalMSO is not authorized or qualified to engage in any activity that may be construed as the practice of medicine, nor shall it have or exercise any control over the methods by which you practice medicine.

Here’s what you get when you become a member:

  1. Very attractive premiums for medical professional liability insurance through NORCAL Mutual. Even if you are already insured by NORCAL, the premiums available through RenewalMSO might still save you money.
  2. Complimentary risk assessment through NORCAL Mutual1.
  3. Access to NORCAL Mutual’s industry-leading risk management CME program (available to you on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones)1.
  4. Subscription to Claims RX, with each issue typically providing an opportunity for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™1.
  5. Access to the Premier/Essensa GPO, which is the most comprehensive and advantageous purchasing program serving the industry today. Below is just a sampling of the contract categories and purchasing programs available to members:
    • Capital Equipment
    • Computer Hardware/Software
    • Employee Screening Services
    • Facility Maintenance & Construction
    • Food & Food Services
    • Home Medical Equipment/Durable Medical Equipment (HME/DME)
    • Housekeeping Products
    • Imaging
    • Laboratory Supplies
    • Medical/Surgical Supplies
    • Office Supplies
    • Pharmaceutical Supplies
    • Shipping
    • Telecommunications/Wireless Services
    • And more
  6. Significant discounts from Allergan for injectables, fillers, and skin care products.
  7. A plug-and-play digital store that allows you to sell SkinMedica, Obagi, Revision, NIA24, and more through your website. All of this – without having to worry about inventory, fulfillment, or payment processing. .
  8. Complimentary website hosting2 and routine maintenance, monthly website audit reports, keyword ranking reports, and competitor reports to help you maximize your digital marketing efforts through LeadWorks.
  9. Complimentary Paid Claims Analysis through Strategic Healthcare Partners.
  10. Complimentary Patient Liability Review through Strategic Healthcare Partners.
  11. Access to very attractive fees for GrowthForce’s powerhouse accounting services, which include systems design and optimization, outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services, controller services, and management reporting.
  12. For practices with at least five employees, access to very attractive fees from Insperity for its Workforce Optimization® solution, a full-service HR solution that includes employee benefits, payroll and human resources administration, and compliance.
  13. Access to very attractive premiums for the United HealthCare national health plan through Insperity.
  14. Access to very attractive rates for medical billing and accounts receivable management through Coastal Medical Billing.
  15. Access to best-in-class payments technology through Square, with a rate of cost plus 0.64% for all credit cards, the first $1,000 in transactions void of fees, and 24/7 priority support for all your technical and account needs.
  16. Access to very attractive fees for physician practice strategy development; provider enrollment; underpayment analysis and review; network contracting, modeling, language review, language negotiation, and rate negotiation; payer and claims issues; and more through Strategic Healthcare Partners.
  17. Access to vastly reduced rates for building and managing your website2, managing your search engine optimization efforts, directing your social media strategy, and ghostwriting your blogs through LeadWorks.

1 Must be a NORCAL Mutual policy holder.
2 WordPress websites only.

The cost to be a member of RenewalMSO is $500 per month per physician. Physicians who pay annually receive two months of membership free each year.

When you become a member of RenewalMSO, it is our goal to ensure you experience an immediate return on your membership investment. To achieve this, in advance of your decision to participate, we will quantify for your potential hard-dollar savings. These cost savings come from a variety of our partners, including NORCAL Mutual, Premier/Essensa GPO, Allergan, Galderma, and others.

Once you enroll in RenewalMSO, we will provide you with member access too You will complete a simple online form that provide us with everything needed to get you up and running quickly. We’ll have you enrolled in the Premier/Essensa GPO, schedule your review with NORCAL Mutual (if you select this), set up your shipping information for Allergan and Galderma products, schedule your Paid Claims Analysis and Patient Liability Review with Strategic Healthcare Partners, build all of your digital marketing reports and establish your online store with LeadWorks, and connect you to all of the other partners in our portfolio.

Well, yes, you can, but not with the same results that RenewalMSO is able to provide. Our partners provide our members with pricing they don’t offer on an individual basis. For instance, you can certainly obtain medical professional liability insurance from NORCAL Mutual, but not at the rates offered our members. You can also join the Premier/Essensa GPO, but the contracts available to you are not nearly as favorable as the contracts we have access to, because the contracts are tiered based on an organization’s collective purchasing history – and the collective buying power of RenewalMSO is much greater than any of our individual members. The same is true for Allergan; the collective purchasing power of RenewalMSO’s members allow us to obtain more favorable pricing than individual members could receive on their own.

In fact, all of our partners – whether GrowthForce, Insperity, Square, Coastal Medical Billing, Strategic Healthcare Partners, or LeadWorks – offers benefits in the form of favorable pricing, discounted services, or complimentary products and services that they don’t offer otherwise.

Finally, while you can build an online store to sell skin care products and supplements, there is an investment on your part to build and maintain your store, carry inventory, fulfill orders, and track payments. We provide you with the opportunity to sell products online without any financial investment, or having to worry about inventory, payment processing, or fulfillment. We simply provide you with a quarterly profit check based on your store’s sales.

No. You can sell leading products from SkinMedica, Obagi, Revision, NIA24, and RenewalMSO’s own top-of-the-line skin care products and supplements under the RenewalMD brand – all without having to worry about inventory, fulfillment, or payment processing. You simply make your store available to your patients, and we handle the rest. You’ll receive quarterly profit checks based on your store’s sales. And while you don’t need to offer any of the store’s products in your own practice to sell them online through RenewalMSO, you can purchase these same products for in-store sale through RenewalMSO.

Yes. RenewalMSO is always seeking new partners that can help our members save money, increase practice efficiencies, or accelerate revenue growth. If you have a potential partner you’d like to recommend, then let us know about it by contacting us.


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