Streamline operations.

Through our partners, you can offload and outsource critical business functions, including HR, benefits, payroll administration, accounting, and billing and collections to achieve tremendous opportunities to improve operations.

Let’s Discuss Membership

Streamline operations.

Through our partners, you can offload and outsource critical business functions, including HR, benefits, payroll administration, accounting, and billing and collections to achieve tremendous opportunities to improve operations.

Let’s Discuss Membership

Increased Efficiencies

As a member of RenewalMSO, we want your practice to be a well-oiled machine, so that you can spend your time on the practice of medicine rather than having to focus on the business of medicine. Our partners are here to help – at rates that aren’t available elsewhere.

  • GrowthForce is a powerhouse accounting firm, and offers systems design and optimization, outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services, controller services, and management reporting. GrowthForce deploys a fractional accounting model, which means you get a data analyst, bookkeeper, controller, and CFO on a fractional – or shared – basis, often for less than what you are currently paying for simple bookkeeping services. GrowthForce will install financial controls, implement financial policies and procedures, handle account reconciliations and month-end closes, provide financial reporting, and even schedule regular video calls to review with you what those reports mean. With GrowthForce, you’ll understand the financial underpinnings of your practice better than ever before.
  • Insperity offers its Workforce Optimization® solution to practices with at least five employees. Workforce Optimization is a full-service HR solution that includes employee benefits, payroll and human resources administration, and compliance. Insperity offers a co-employment model, which means that although you are responsible for the management of your staff, they are legally employed by Inspirity. You control hiring, firing, and compensation, while Insperity is responsible for payroll, benefits administration, workers’ compensation, payroll taxes, W2s, and State and Federal reporting. Through Insperity, you and your staff will have access to a wide range of benefits, including very attractive premiums for a large number of national health plans from United HealthCare. With Insperity, you can have a Fortune 500 HR department – along with Fortune 500-level benefits – for less than what you might think.
  • Coastal Medical Billing offers very attractive rates for medical billing and accounts receivable management. If you are not outsourcing your insurance billing, then this might be the time to consider its benefits. CMB specializes in physician practice billing, has a track record of rapidly resolving denied claims, and is expert in the field of collecting funds that are due to medical providers like you. Even if you already outsource these functions, the rates available through RenewalMSO might still save you money.
  • Strategic Healthcare Partners will optimize your revenue cycle with a Paid Claims Analysis and a Patient Liability Review. The Paid Claims Analysis is an interactive report that draws conclusions as to payer mix trend, discount trend by payer, generated charges trend by payer, net collections trend by payer, denial trend by payer, general patient liability collection percentage, paid/undercharged claims for the period of time, and more. The Patient Liability Review is an interactive report that analyzes patient liability collections for moneys owed your practice after commercial insurance, after Medicare, or straight self-pay. That’s not all. SHP also offers very attractive fees for physician practice strategy development; provider enrollment; underpayment analysis and review; network contracting, modeling, language review, language negotiation, and rate negotiation; payer and claims issues; and more.
  • LeadWorks will elevate your digital marketing strategy, whether you need to overhaul your website, improve your search engine optimization, turbocharge your social media strategy, launch a series of blogs, generate positive online reviews, or review your online presence – at rates that are well below industry norms.

How to Get Started

Simply complete the form on this page to provide us with the information required to complete a preliminary, high-level RenewalMSO Profit Improvement Analysis. While this form doesn’t include all of the opportunities for saving money, improving operational efficiencies, and growing revenues, it does provide us with enough information to help you determine of RenewalMSO is right for you.

Based on the information you provide, we will quantify the high-level financial impact RenewalMSO can have on your practice, which will take three to five business days. In the meantime, we will schedule a video call with you to share our analysis and discuss membership and whether membership makes good financial sense.

What Exactly is an MSO?

An MSO is a “management service organization” and is designed to help you with the administrative, non-medical work involved in running your practice. The primary advantage to joining an MSO is to have access to management services and to ensure best (lowest) pricing on supplies and services. By aggregating volume, we can obtain economies of scale that allow us to obtain preferred pricing on everything from medical professional liability insurance to injectables and fillers to digital marketing services. RenewalMSO provides best-in-class business services to practices, while allowing you to run and manage your practice as you see fit.


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